Qi is the ancient Chinese concept of lifeforce energy, and everything contains it to some degree.

It is felt as the boundary sensation where our physical bodies connect to the energy field of everthing else.

Qi can be understood as the bioelectric signals received by our nervous system and how that is translated to consciousness.

Sensitizing ourselves to experience more Qi heightens awareness of both the physical body and the energetic body and increases general awareness.

We can use Qi internally for healing, or externally for sensing. Developing strong Qi can prevent illness and detect what in the field is healthy or unhealthy for us.

In 2004 Johann Wolf spontaneously begin to physically experience a sensation of what he now calls Qi. He continues to research this phenomenon and occasionally teaches how anyone can directly experience Qi energy and how to hack it for use as a modality and methodology to increase intuition, feel into decision making, inform creativity, create group coherence, boost health, vitality, pleasure and presence.