Consider dreaming. The kind we have when we are asleep

What are they? Why do we have them?

Are dreams simply our consciousness at play during sleep, using memories to improvise an abstract play of self entertainment? Or are they something more?

It’s possible dreams may be the original language of consciousness and, or, subconsciousness. They may be expressed in the universal language we all know as babies before linguistics collapse thought forms into symbols.

Dreams are a language of archetypes, strange picture-feelings and hybrid thought-forms. We experience a dream without necessarily using our analytic mind. In this way they are pure and uncontaminated by our waking logic. Dreams encourage autodidactic process problem-solving. Therefore dreaming may actually be the most important thing we can do.

Dreaming should be an art.

To dream well, takes practice, and dedicated practice can lead to mastery. A disciplined dreamer can become lucid; they are awake within the dream, and able to compose the dream at will. Creating the dream from inside of it, in real time, is essentially having super powers. So why don’t we all dream better?

Meditation can be used as a focused approach back into this dream world with the intent to retrieve the dream’s essential teachings. The combination of lucid dream practice with focused meditation provides the human consciousness with a translation method between the dream language and the language we think in and speak.

The idea of creatively fabricating a dream for others to experience has been one that artists of all kinds have been attempting since the beginning of time. Now we live in an era where technology combined with deep creativity is able to do exactly that.

I have been a practitioner of lucid dreaming and specific mediation practices that inform my creative process for years. I am fully convinced of the potency of this ability to inform my creative work as another problem-solving tool in my box that I bring to bear on every qualifying project.

If you are interested in harnessing the power of this unique art for your project. Let’s connect, and more importantly: let’s dream up something magnificent together.