Inspiring the future of the human experience

Executive Creative Director

 I am never afraid to get my hands dirty making something beautiful.

I have served as executive creative director for advertising agencies, founded production companies and lead global campaign initiatives for many of the world’s prestigious brands. Now I’m focused on the human experience as the future of brand-to-human communications. I ideate experiences campaigns, image films, and inspire and lead creative teams making immersive projects globally.

My career began in 1986 in Paris as a photographer for fashion, advertising and celebrity. I enjoyed the golden age of analog photography; assisting, producing and being mentored by visionaries Annie Liebowitz, Peggy Sirota, Anton Corbijn, Christopher Griffith, Michael Childers, Max Vadukal, Jon Ragel, Richard Noble and many more. Simultaneously, I worked in film production as art director, cinematographer & musician.

As an entrepreneur and commercial filmmaker, I founded Radioaktivefilm, Spacemonkey, and The Department of Wow, producing and directing over 500 commercials, PSAs, music videos including multi-spot campaigns and experiences for global brands in all categories. I’m fluent in all aspects of commercial film production and entertainment technology and can execute projects at any scale.

I see inspiration as the essential energy powering all creative endeavor. It is a uniquely self-generating fuel source: things born of inspiration always inspire others thus, creating more fuel. I’m a keen observer of human behavior and psychology. I’m positive the future of brand communication is non-interruptive and deeply experiential. I believe brands must reward people for our time and attention. I’m fascinated by technology and how it shapes culture, yet I find balance with a philosophy that prioritizes the human experience while rejecting de-humanizing tactics. My approach to ideation combines detailed research with meditation and intuition to retrieve information from the unified field.

Whatever the medium I always strive to elevate brand-to-human dialog via strategic creative problem solving, unique ideation, insightful direction and impeccable production of compelling sensory experiences.

“The world doesn’t need more creatives making clever advertising.
It needs us solving the bigger problems”